Francesco Smalto :
In a context where sports stakes are important, we wish to thank the French Football Federation for the time and confidence they have accorded to us, especially by letting the camera roll…

We would like to thank the players for their simplicity, their generosity and their smiles.
All these are signs of internal elegance which have genuinely touched us.

Conception and production : Studio LWA

Photographies : Gérard Uféras

Film Making-of
- Director/Producer : Steven Bawol
- Cinematographer : Pierre Boffety
- Camera Operator : Camille Ponsin
- Editor : Luc Martel
- Music Composed by MODE-F and Martijn Ratsma

All rights are reserved for documents whose provenance we have not succeeded in identifying, and any photographers and or rights-holders whom we were unable to contact, despite extensive research, are invited to identify themselves.
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